With the 2017 planting season underway, we at PROSeeds Sevita International wanted to ensure that we provide you, our growers, with the information you need to have a successful season growing food-grade Identity Preserved (IP) soybeans for our international customers. As we do every year, we have released our Permitted Crop Protection Products list for IP soybeans for 2017.

What is this list for?

We created this list to help our IP soybean growers choose what crop protection products they can use on their crops to maximize their yield while still ensuring the quality of the end product meets the standards of our international buyers.

How does PROSeeds decide which Crop Protection products allowed?

We strive to deliver top quality IP soybeans that meet the needs and wants of our international buying community. As part of our IP contract commitment to international buyers, Sevita International pays close attention to what final products they would like to have. We then work with our growers to provide our buyers with what they want. As part of that process, we identify crop protection products that have or have not been approved by a buyer. We must restrict or avoid the use of any crop protection products that have not been approved by our buyers.

In addition, both Sevita and its customers perform chemical residue tests on representative crop samples to verify that all products meet the permitted residue levels. We carefully ensure that the chemicals we and our growers use have been registered for use on food grade IP soybeans in the countries that import our soybean products.

While we must comply with the restrictions imposed by our global customers, we try to ensure that all permitted crop protection products are easy for our growers to obtain. We place high importance on offering the best support to the farmers who are working hard to produce a top quality crop for our mutual customers.

Please be sure to check our 2017 Crop Permitted Crop Protection Products list PRIOR to applying any chemical to your fields, and only use the chemicals that appear on the list. Note that we have also provided a list of chemical co-packs that are permitted for use.

You can download a copy of the list here: Permitted Crop Protection Products List – 2017

La liste en français: Produits Autorisés pour la Protections de Semences – 2017

Who should you contact if you have questions?

If you have any questions about the 2017 Permitted Crop Protection Products list, please contact Cliff Metcalfe, Sevita’s Agronomist, at (613) 794-4598 (cell), or (613) 989-1295 (office) or Email: CliffM@sevita.com. For any other inquiries, please contact your PROSeeds Regional Sales Manager or your PROSeeds Dealer.



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