Our IP soybean growers represent one of the most critical partnerships in our business. Our Producer Guideline booklet is sent out every year to provide our IP growers with a reference tool to ensure Sevita’s production quality standards are clear and to outline the best agricultural practices. We also provide some helpful tips from experienced IP growers to ensure our growers are successful in growing Identity Preserved Soybeans with us.

At Sevita, our business is built on quality – people, products and relationships. Our goal is for all parties to benefit. By delivering high quality soybeans that meet our standards, and following the recommendations in the booklet, you will benefit from the IP production premium offered by Sevita. In turn, we will benefit from the quality product for the export market, building for future success.

The Producer Guideline booklet outlines production quality standards, as well as guidelines for planting, scouting, weed control, harvest, delivery, storage, and sampling. The 2017 Permitted Chemical list is also included for reference.

We have established a position as a supplier of top quality food grade soybeans around the world and we work tirelessly to ensure that our production continues to support our reputation.

If you have not yet received your 2017 Producer Guideline booklet, or if you have any questions about production, storage, or sampling standards, please contact your local Regional Sales Manager.