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GROWING FOR GOLD: Gain the PROSeeds Advantage!



We understand that providing strong lines of high-performing seed with desirable traits is only part of the solution. PROSeeds, a Sevita International company, is well positioned to provide a clear vision for today and the future. Our team has decades of experience and strong relationships that form a solid foundation for sustained success. We work hand-in-hand with our research and development teams, growers, dealers, producers, international buyers and even the end-consumer to provide our growers with a complete genetics soybean solution. As part of the Sevita family, we are able to develop an integrated value chain to help us lead the way in providing growers with superior varieties designed to meet our international market demand — we’re leading the soy industry into new areas and helping our growers grow for gold!


PROSeeds offers you a complete soybean solution… that even includes peace of mind. With PROSeeds Sevita International, you buy your seed and immediately lock in your return with a closed-loop seed contract. The PROSeeds Advantage gives you access to superior varieties with contracting-back agreements that offer you a better than average return. Our support throughout the growing season includes our experienced agronomists to help maximize your quality and yield.

Gain the PROSeeds Advantage!

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